Using CladMate With Timber Weatherboard


The following tutorial is not supported or warranted by CladMate.
This tutorial does not guarantee the CladMate tool will work with your specific weatherboard. If you do proceed with the following tutorial you may void your CladMate Warranty.



Out of the box CladMate is only suitable for weatherboards 14-16mm thick. If you wish to modify your CladMate to install timber weatherboards that are thicker than 16mm you will need to extend the base of the CladMate using a plastic packer

Plastic packers can be found at most hardware stores. You will need to ensure you find the correct sized plastic packer for your specific needs. You may have to cut the plastic packer to size and drill 4 holes through the plastic packer.

The base of the CladMate is held together by bolts and nuts so dismantling the CladMate, placing the plastic packer in and then rebuilding the CladMate is a fairly straightforward process.

Tools & Supplies Required

2x Plastic Packers
Screw Driver